About Us

“Excellence is not an accomplishment. It is a spirit, a never-ending process.”


Strike borns in 1986 from Mrs Augusta Gay as event agency and, after operating in different branches, focuses throughout the years in the automotive world. Proposing successful and efficient solutions, addressed both to cars and motorcycles areas, expresses itself in large-scale context, national and international. Strenghten by an expert and consolidated team, grows in internal organization and provided services, until becoming a well established reality in the events world, signing several events for national and international brands.

On Air

Strike boasts a consolidated experience in press conferences, static and dynamic product launches, test drives and test rides, road shows and tours, corporate activities and quality entertainment. Depending on the Client's requests and needs, we propose a wide range of solutions: from a single and specific supply, to the organization and coordination of the entire requested activity.

Strike manages the organization and operation, the research, selection and choice of the location, the selection and training of the staff (drivers, hostesses, stewards, cars and motorcycles tour guides and instructors), the services coordination, the entertainment activities proposals, the analysis and study of routes for test rides and demo rides or drives, and proposes highly skilled professional figures to support the event. Behind the scenes, we provide services of organizing secretary, back office, managing and profiling of the final users datas (press or customer), designing and planning of set-ups... providing in this way a 360° product.

Brand Activation

Each event borns form the will of creating a universe, in which the Guest has a chance to track his individual path. We provide expertise and professionalism, exclusive and dedicated, supporting the Client in each planning phase of the project and in the best format choice: a brand activation instrument, conceived to get in touch directly with the target.